Initial Descent: November 28 – December 4, 2021

Under the Church
Under The Church

One holiday down and one to go. I’ll assume everyone has arisen from their food comas, are all patched up from the absurdity of retail hell, and are ready for another list of new metal. Even if you’re not completely back to normal, running through this list and doing some copy / pasting takes zero energy. AND, there’s several here worthy of checking out. Kicking things off we’ve got death metal of the Swedish variety, brutal variety, polished variety, and tech variety (in that order) from Under The Church, Cutterred Flesh, Demonstealer, and Dormant Ordeal. Plus, tons more hanging out below so expend zero energy and go grab some new tunes.

Under the Church - Total Burial

Under The Church – Total Burial, EP (Pulverised) – death metal

Cuttered Flesh - Sharing Is Caring

Cutterred Flesh – Sharing is Caring (Transcending Obscurity) – brutal death metal

Demonstealer - The Holocene Termination

Demonstealer – The Holocene Termination, EP (Demonstealer Records) – death metal

Dormant Ordeal - The Grand Scheme of Things

Dormant Ordeal – The Grand Scheme of Things (Selfmadegod) – tech death

Also on tap:

Alkimista – Cinzas (Independent) – gothic/doom

Arctic Plateau  – Songs of Shame (Shunu) – gaze

Atonement – Merciless Blasphemy (Helter Skelter / Regain) – metal

Authors of Fate – You Will One Day Be Thought of For the Last Time (Independent) – extreme

Barbaric Howler / Cosmic Conqueror – Summoners of Storm (Dawnbreed / Evil Eye) – black / death

Blackhearth – The Wrath of God (Independent) – metal

Blue Heron – Black Blood of the Earth / A Sunken Place, EP (Independent) – desert rock

Cepheide – Les Echappées (Ladlo) – atmospheric post-black metal

Chaos Emeralds – Crawling From the Wreckage (Trepanation Recordings) – ambient / drone

Christ the Bait – Idolatrosities (Independent) – prog

Closet Disco Queen – Stadium Rock for Punk Bums (Hummus) – rock

Clouds – Despărțire (Personal Records) – doom

Confines – Work Up the Blood (Synthicide) – synth

Crom – Into the Glory Land, EP (From the Vaults) – heavy metal

Crowdown – Horizon, EP (Sliptrick Records) – groove metal

Dead Space Chamber Music – The Black Hours (Independent) – neofolk/ambient

Death Angel – The Bastard Tracks (Nuclear Blast) – death metal

Deletere / Sarkrista – Opus Blasphematum (Sepulchral Productions) – metal

Devour Every Star – Antiquity (Blue Bedroom) – black metal / trip hop

Doodswens – Nacthvrees (Svart) – black metal

Fields of Mildew – The Complete Woes (Nordvis) – folk metal

Firehouse – The Story of Italian AOR Band 1987/1994 (Music for the Masses) – rock

Gåte – Nord (Indie Recordings) – folk

Genocide Pact – S/T (Relapse) – death metal

Gomorran – Excerpts from the Dark Age (Inverse) – black / death

Gorr – Tolv I Talet (Independent) – black metal

Heiress  – Distant Fires (Satanic Royalty) – post-hardcore / sludge

Horns – S/T (Independent) – avant-garde

Husqwarnah – Front Toward Enemy (Fuel / Reborn Through Tapes) – death metal

Hypno5e – A Distant Dark Source Experience (Pelagic Records) – technical progressive metal

I Myrkri – Bag Skyggernes Slor (Independent) – atmospheric black metal

Iscuron – The Pursuit of Unhappiness (Independent) – black metal

Junkbreed – Music For Cool Kinds (Raging Planet) – post-hardcore

KAS – The Problem of Evil (Independent) – black metal

Killer Hill – Frozen Head, EP (Independent) – alt-rock / thrash

Lull – Moments (Cold Spring) – drone / dark ambient

Malacoda – The Year Walk (Old Haunt Studios) – metal 

Modder – S/T (Consouling Sounds / Lay Bare Recordings) – sludge

Nekromant – Temple of Haal (Despotz) – heavy metal

Of Mice & Men – Echo (SharpTone) – metalcore

Ofermod – Mysterium Iniquitatis (Shadow Records) – black metal

One Day In Fukushima – Permanence (many) – deathgrind

Ossuaire – Triumvirat (Sepulchral Productions) – black metal

Pantheist – Closer To God (Independent) – cinematic doom

Professor Tip Top – Lanes of Time (Apollon) – psych prog

Rage of Light – Redemption (Independent) – metal

Raibard – Dark Realm of the Daylight (Independent) – progressive rock

Rebreather – The Line, Its Width, and the War Drone (Aqualamb Records) – sludge

Redemptor – Agonia (Selfmadegod) – death metal

Rejekts – Adamo (Slaughterhouse) – grind

Rift – To Quench the Thirst of Wolves (Seance) – black metal

Savage Deity – Decade of Savagery (Inhuman Assault) – death metal

Skat Injector – Bled Under A Burning Sky (Slime City) – speedcore

So Hideous – None But a Pure Heart Can Sing (Silent Pendulum) – post-metal

Somnolent – The Infernal Expanse (Sentient Ruin) – black / death

Svardenvyrd – Scarred Lands (Independent) – pagan black metal

The Rods – Heavier Than Thou, Re-Release (High Roller) – metal

The Rods – Let Them Eat Metal, Re-Release (High Roller) – metal

Umbilichaos – Entrails Redux (Independent) – metal

Unanimated – Victory In Blood (Century Media) – melodic death metal

Various Artists – Back in Black [Redux] (Magnetic Eye Records) – rock

Various Artists – Best of AC/DC [Redux] (Magnetic Eye Records) – rock

VHS – I Heard They Suck… Blood (Wise Blood) – death metal

Winterstorm – Vinterstormener (Signal Rex) – black metal


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