Album Review: Devil’s Witches — “In All Her Forms”

Here just in time for Samhain, the undefinable Devil’s Witches are back offering their newest creation In All Her Forms to the masses.  Though this is only the band’s second full-length, they’ve been keeping fans happy and up to date by releasing EPs and singles over the past few years.  This mysterious band has a unique blend of sounds and delves into various styles creating fresh and never boring music.  In All Her Forms consists of doom, heavy metal, psych metal, classic rock, folk rock, and 70’s lounge music—just to name a few detected influences.  The album focuses on themes of the Maiden, Mistress, Mother, and Matriarch, making the music utterly magical and powerful.

The album begins with a rockin’ psychedelic instrumental opener which ends ambiently with an emergency siren sound carrying out on the final riff note before leading perfectly into “Successive Slidings of Pleasure.”  It begins with an electric guitar mimicking the same siren sound. The track quickly opens for some doom heavy riffs and filtered vocals giving off a vintage record sound and feel.  These two pieces were the first singles released from In All Her Forms.  They set the album up well showcasing the two prominent sounds in the album—psychedelic and doom.  “Blood of the Witch” is the next track (and also the next early release) and it switches things up as it is a folk rock song through and through and gives off Simon & Garfunkel vibes.  It is delightfully airy and different.  This dramatic switch in musicality is something Devil’s Witches are known to do and it is something I really like about them.  The variety makes each track memorable and shows the many sides of the band.  The dynamic nature of the album also fits the theme and drives home the album title.

Another special track on In All Her Forms is “Tide of Jupiter” which is a beautiful piano track.  No vocals and no other instrumentation is heard.  It is one of the shorter tracks on the album running just under two minutes.  Though simple in nature, the composition is effective and adds something special to the album.  Directly following is “Hymn for the Supervixen” which closes out the album.  This is one of my favorites from In All Her Forms and is another doom heavy track with fuzzy, marching guitar riffs and a head bang inducing drumline.  These doom pieces remind me of the band’s debut album which was released in 2017.  It is great to see Devil’s Witches not straying from their roots but expanding and getting creative.

Back in 2020, I reviewed an EP from the band and immediately fell in love with their music and their overall vibe.  In said review, I mentioned how eager I was to hear what Devil’s Witches creates next as the direction was unpredictable.  I can now say that they have delivered with In All Her Forms and it is more than I could have hoped for.  This album is unique but also something that only Devil’s Witches could have created.  The various styles and overall themes of femme power and mysticism hits just right, completely enveloping and appeasing my witchy senses.  Light some incense, immerse yourself in In All Her Forms, and have a very merry and magical Samhain.

– Angela

In All Her Forms will be available October 28 on Majestic Mountain Records.  For more information on Devil’s Witches, visit their Facebook Page.

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