Initial Descent: November 13 – 19, 2022

-(16)- image courtesy of Chad Kelco

In case you were wondering, American democracy and voting are still a broken piece of shit. But, as some blues artist said: “no, I’m doing alright” and that is basically a good way of saying all my fucks to give are long gone. ANYWAY…we’ve got some good metal in store for this new release Monday which is why you came so…-(16)- are back with a barnburner of sludge and rock and metal and…just all that good stuff, Scars of the Flesh put forth what might be their best effort yet, deathsludgers Foehammer drop the damn hammer in a big way, Skythala get the black and death metal juices flowing like a blood spurt from an arterial vein, AND there’s a ton more that follows these four. So, you’ve got your investigative work cut out for you this week. Happy hunting and we’ll see you here throughout the week.

-(16)- – Into Dust (Relapse) – sludge

Scars of the Flesh - In Darkness Alone

Scars of the Flesh – In Darkness Alone (Independent) – melodic black / death [interview / premiere]

Foehammer – Monumentum (Silent Pendulum) – deathsludge

Skythala – Boreal Despair (I, Voidhanger) – black / death

Also on tap:

Airstrike – Power In Your Hand (Independent) – heavy metal

Amon Acid – Cosmogony (Helter Skelter Productions / Regain Records) – psych doom

Arkæon – Parasit (I, Voidhanger) – black metal

Arrealhue – Post Lux Tenebras (Sliptrick) – black / folk / doom

Astrosaur – Portals (Pelagic) – rock

Avandra – Prodigal (Layered Reality) – prog

Brothers Till We Die – Reincarnation (Dead Serious Records) – extreme metal

Candlemass – Sweet Evil Sun (Napalm) – doom

Captain Caravan and Kaiser – Turned To Stone Chapter 6 (Ripple Music) – stoner rock

Crest – Riptide (Inverse) – core

Critical Extravasation – Order of Decadence (Redefining Darkness Records) – death metal

Cryptae – Capsule (Sentient Ruin) – experimental death metal

Depths Above – Ex Nihilo (Avantgarde Music) – black metal

Desecrate The Faith – III (Comatose) – death metal

Die Enteweihung – Strict Regime Country (Independent) – black metal

Digir Gidim – The Celestial Macrocosmic Scale and The Shimmering Path of the Supreme Regulator (ATMF) – black metal

Enemy Eyes – History’s Hand (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) – heavy metal

Eskhaton – Horracle (Hells Headbangers) – death metal

Feed Me To The Waves – Apart (Dunk!records) – metal

Fields of Regret – S/T (Bassick) – goth punk 

Gaupa – Myriad (Nuclear Blast) – rock

Griefbringer –  The Horrible Wilting (Church of Crow) – doom / sludge

High Noon Kahuna – Killing Spree (Independent) – surf doom 

Hivemind – The Edict of the Elohim (Aesthetic Death) – dark techno ambient

Incantvm – Strigae (I, Voidhanger) – black / doom

Infall – Far (Independent) – hardcore

Interesting Times Gang – The Spirit Of Science Fiction (Pax Aeternum) – electronic

Kamra – Cerebral Alchemy (Avantgarde Music) – black metal

Këkht Aräkh – Night & Love, Pale Swordsman, Reissues (Sacred Bones) – black metal

Laces Out – Here At The Ashram (Nefarious Industries) – post hardcore [premiere]

Lycanthro – Port Royal (Independent) – power / thrash

Marc Urselli’s Steppendoom – SteppenDoom (Magnetic Eye) – doom

Mourning – Disenlightenment (Streets of Hate) – metalcore

Mythosphere – Pathological (Cruz Del Sur Music) – prog / psych

Nytt Land – Ritual: Blood of the West (Napalm) – dark folk 

Omnifariam – The Summoning (Independent) – death metal

R3VO – Fireflies (Independent) – rock

Rebel Souls – Dawn of Depravity (Blood Fire Death) – death metal

Risingfall – Rise Or Fall (Dying Victims Productions) – heavy metal

Sammal – Aika laulaa (Svart) – prog psych

Scriptures – Ghostland (WormHoleDeath) – rock

Snøgg – Meltdown (Terraformer Research Facilities) – experimental black metal

Speglas  – Time, Futility & Death (Pulverised) – dark rock

Soen – Atlantis (Silver Lining) – metal

Tavat – S/T (Svart) – prog rock

Terrible Sickness – Flesh for the Insatiable (Black Sunset) – death metal

The Battery Farm – Flies (Rare Vitamin) – gutter punk 

The Inferno Doll – Renfield (Independent) – gothic

This Is The Last Time – Acclimation (Here Is Nowhere / Dead Red Queen / Drown Within) – instru-metal

Thy Listless Heart – Pilgrims on the Path of no Return (Hammerheart) – doom

Visceral – The Tree of Venomous Fruit (Raging Planet) – death metal

We Are Magonia – Triangle Unicode (NewRetroWave) – synth

Witchfinder – Forgotten Mansion (Mrs Red Sound) – fuzz

Witchunter – Metal Dream (Dying Victims Productions) – metal

Xeno  – Reconstruction, EP (Art Gates) – progressive / extreme

Zagtar – Primordial Mother (Independent) – metal


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