Initial Descent: January 1 – 7, 2023

Happy New Year one and all. We made it through another year and now it’s time for fresh starts and as I mentioned last week, time for all those resolutions no one will keep for longer than a handful of weeks. But hey, no judging right? Rhetorical, of course. Anyway, we’ve got one more week of an abbreviated new release list in store. Fear not though, starting next week the lists elongate quite a bit. Wait, are we talking about lists or… I digress. First up we’ve got a career spanning re-recorded and re-arranged effort from Confined and it most certainly will get the death metal blood flowing, then we’ve got an all-in-but-the-kitchen-sink outing from Born A Ghost that many will find something to love in its extremities. And, of course, there’s a handful more awaiting just below these so happy hunting. We’ll see you here throughout the week for more EOY 2022 festivities.

Confined – Eternal Fury of the Disillusioned Ones (Vargheist) – death metal

Born A Ghost – Stairway to an Empty Room (Independent) – death / doom / sludge

Also on tap:

Anti-Flag – Lies They Tell Our Children (Spinefarm) – punk

Kornmo – Vandring (Apollon Records Prog) – instru-prog

Sons of Cult – Back to the Beginning (Fighter) – heavy metal

Throat Locust – Dragged Through Glass (Independent) – death metal

Varmia – Prolog, EP (M-Theory Audio) – black metal


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