Album Review: Necrosemen – “Vglns”

necrosemen vgins

If you’re anything at all like me then not only are you ruggedly handsome, but you probably also come across a band sporting a name like Necrosemen and take less than a second to arrive at exactly the same conclusion: that name must be overcompensating for something. Like, seriously overcompensating for something. And you also most likely thought it was a complete lack of real talent. And while Vglns, the latest release from the Swiss black/death metal unit, probably won’t set either your world or soul ablaze it is definitely not what I automatically assumed it would be.

Essentially something that started out as a one man vision that expanded to a full group and then collapsed back down to a duo, Necrosemen seem to lack stability. And for a band that has only been in existence since 2012 that lack of stability is probably a direct side effect of their infancy. All the calling cards are already in place that could be a foreshadowing of some potential but they need to give themselves a chance to elevate their game to the point where that name doesn’t just come across as trying too hard and they have the actual brass to polish. Nobody expects any real variation or spice from a relatively underground and heavily occult inspired black metal band, but something would be nice to lift them above the crowd. And I honestly did find myself wanting these guys to succeed.

necrosemen 2

In all fairness there is plenty that those of you who would identify as purists will find perfectly appealing here. For instance, it sounds like it was recorded in a cave (albeit maybe one with slightly more expensive than average soft furnishings). There’s plenty of vicious guitar attack, pummelling in fact. And I’m lacking a classical education enough to be 100% sure but even I can tell that all those Latin chants would probably make the Pope considerably less than chipper. They’re not exactly an incapable or untalented bunch, by any stretch of the imagination. The problem is that Vglns isn’t a strong enough example to make it independent of anything that hasn’t been done a thousand times before.

Maybe next time out Necrosemen will deliver on the unrealised potential that is clearly on display here. And when that opportunity arises then I promise I will not judge this band by it’s cover. I will enter into the void with ears, and mind, wide open.

– Matt Fitton

VgIns is available (on tape) 12.4.2015 via Blood Harvest. For more information on Necrosemen check out their Facebook page.



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