The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Imperial Triumphant was July 2018’s Album of the Month!

How ’bout that new podcast logo, huh? HUH? Anyway, it’s mid-August, and that means it’s time to look back at July for our latest Album of the Month podcast. This month’s honoree: Imperial Triumphant!

On July 13, the New York-based avant-garde/blackened death trio dropped their third full-length, Vile Luxury, via Gilead Media. Throughout the album, the band ponders the endless expansion and immensity — and also, the ugliness and brutality — of New York City…and its sound thoroughly matches that conceptual ambition. So much so, in fact, that we’ve scarcely been able to get it out of our heads.

So, we — Dan, Corey, Chris, the two Joshes, Hera, Anton and Vince– got together over the weekend to talk about it. Pretty much everyone came down on the same side of things (durr…this thing freaking rules), but almost everyone had a different way of getting to that conclusion. Which, as you might guess, made for a pretty cool discussion. We also talked to Audio Thing debutant Josh Thieler — who, you know, also does music in Slaves BC, Twilight Fauna and more — about some things he’s got coming down the pipeline musically. SPOILER ALERT: you should be excited.

All that and loads more, so jump on in and take a listen!

Vile Luxury is available now via Gilead Media. For more information on Imperial Triumphant, visit the band’s Facebook page.

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Keep it heavy,

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