Initial Descent: November 24 – 30, 2019

Sentient Horror
Sentient Horror

Best of lists are flying out like gangbusters and we’ve still got so much good stuff coming out on a weekly basis that WILL be list busters. You doubt this statement yet haven’t looked below to see what’s in store; do that.

Sentient Horror makes the best American Swedeath ever, and with their latest they do that and so much more; it’s like a geographical map of the best death metal wrapped up in one album by some talented musicians – scrumptious. For their sophomore effort, Teeth ratchet up the grind aspect of their death metal and knocks it clear out of the park, The Wraith offer up a debut that’s gotten some serious mileage here at 9C for its combination of gothy deathrock and post-punk, and the band with the most umlauts ever, Öxxö Xööx, return with another epic movement of avantgarde, experimental doom that’s a vehicle for its mastermind’s dreams – don’t be curious here, just get it. In closing, I said there would be list busters and now it’s up to you to find them…Enjoy.

Sentient Horror - Morbid Realms

Sentient Horror – Morbid Realms (Redefining Darkness / Testimony) – death-fucking-metal

Teeth - The Curse of Entropy

Teeth – The Curse of Entropy (Translation Loss) – death metal

The Wraith - Gloom Ballet

The Wraith – Gloom Ballet (Southern Lord) – deathrock / post-punk 

Oxxo Xoox - Y

Öxxö Xööx – Ÿ (Blood Music) – avant/experi-doom 

Also on tap:

Abeyance – Portraits of Mankind (Sliptrick) – melodic death metal

Avslut – Tyranni (Osmose) – black metal

Bednja – Doline Su Ostale Iza Nas (Transcending Obscurity) – black metal

Blooming Carrions – Sisters In Blooming Flesh (Iron Bonehead) – death metal

Blosse – Nocturne De Tenebrarum (Principio) – black metal

Bull Elephant – S/T (Eat Lead and Die Music) – metal

Cattle Decapitation – Death Atlas (Metal Blade) – death grind 

Coil – Stolen & Contaminated Songs (Cold Spring) – experimental

Crusadist – The Unholy Grail (Independent) – death / thrash

Deivos – Casus Belli (Selfmadegod) – death metal

Façade – The Eternal Dance (Independent) – doom

Flamekeeper – We Who Light the Fire (Invictus Productions) – heavy metal

Geschlecht – New Load Continue (Time to Kill) – industrial

Hamelin – S/T, EP (Wolves of Hades) – post-metal

Heartlay – Attack & Agony (An Exile) – atmospheric metal

Human Agony – Putrescence of Cavalry (Invictus) – black metal 

Into Coffin – Unconquered Abysses (Terror From Hell) – death / doom

Kaldvard – Dømt Til Bål Og Brann (Independent) – black metal

Knasterbart – Perlen vor die Säue (Napalm) – folk rock

Lunacy – My Favourite Dreams (Valse Sinistre) – post-punk

Matterhorn – Crass Cleansing, Special Edition (Redefining Darkness / Dying Victims Productions) – heavy metal

Mesmur – Terrene (Solitude Productions) – death / funeral doom

Misery Loves Co. – Zero (Black Lodge) – industrial

Nefarious Dusk – The Wanderer of the Cold North (Purity Through Fire) – black metal

Nocturnal Depression – Tides of Despair (Sun & Moon) – dsbm

Ofdrykkja – Gryningsvisor (AOP) – atmospheric black metal

Osi and the Jupiter – Nordlige Rúnaskog (Eisenwald) – folk metal 

Ploughshare – Tellurian Insurgency (I, Voidhanger) – black / death

Pombajira – S/T (Helldprod) – doom / heavy

Possession / Spite – Passio Christi Part I / (Beyond the) Witch’s Spell (Iron Bonehead) – black metal

Possession / Venefixion – Passio Christi Part II / Necrophagous Abandon (Iron Bonehead) – black metal

Remote Viewing – It’s Better This Way (Sludgelord) – noise rock

Reveal – Scissorgod (Sepulchral Voice) – black metal 

Saligia – Vesaevus (Ván) – black metal

Sartegos – O Sangue Da Noite (Blood Harvest / I Voidhanger) – black / death

Seventh Circle – Cycle of Violence (Caligari) – metal

Shadow’s Mortuary – Kuoleman Portit (Purity Through Fire) – black metal

Siculicidium – Utolsó vágta az Univerzumban, 10th Anniv Vinyl (Sun & Moon) – black metal

SPK – Zamia Lehmanni (Cold Spring) – post-industrial

Sun of the Dying – The Earth Is Silent (AOP) – death / doom

Svart1 – Monotono (Mask of the Slave / Sun & Moon) – dark metal

The End A.D. – Badlands (Fastball Music) – hardcore

Toluca – Soras (Tokyo Jupiter) – screamo

Tragediens Trone – S/T (Osmose Productions) – black metal

Vampyromorpha – Herzog (Independent) – doom

Wishfield – S/T, Cassette Issue (Tridroid) – blackgaze

Zarraza – Rotten Remains (Independent) – grind

– Josh

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