Video Premiere: Ols – “W ciemny las”


Ols, the one-woman dark neofolk project out of Poland, has revealed a haunting new video for “W ciemny las,” serving as the second single taken from the upcoming new album, Widma, out April 17th through Pagan Records. Translating to “Into A Dark Forest,” this song and visual offers an immensely somber and introspective journey, set entirely in the natural environment. Exploring a range of thought and emotion, it is as complex as it is compelling both in sight and sound. Today, Nine Circles is extremely proud to premiere both the track and video.

From the outset, opening with the face of an aging woman and the sounds of a departing scream, it is clear that the latest from Ols is a true exploration of senses. Filled with enchanting vocal harmonies and hypnotic percussion, all layered over scenes of ritualistic wanderings in the forest, “W ciemny las” expertly tests the boundaries of dark neofolk in all forms. Check out the video immediately below.

Furthermore, Anna Maria Oskierko, the name behind the project, shared this about the latest single and video:

The second single from the new album is a song-vision, a mesmerizing lullaby bringing bad dreams. This is reflected in the song’s lyrics: One had to go across the bridge. Narrow. Made of blades and knives. Over the river of flames. There are several deaths during one’s lifetime – a different one after each passing. First – people leave, then the senses fail. Memories are lost in the darkness of the dead past. An old woman remains, alone in the house of her own head. A sad queen in the castle of her own skull. There is nothing outside anymore, she can only go deeper inside, into a dark forest…

While Ols’ music may be categorized as dark neofolk, it’s apparent how far this project truly reaches. The ethereal, mysterious nature hints at atmospheric black metal influences infused deep within the folk ambiance. It epitomizes everything contained within Widma (which translates to “Spectres”), as the countdown to its release continues. Pre-orders are available now over at the Pagan Records’ webstore. Be sure to stay in touch and up to date with Ols on Facebook.

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