Initial Descent: October 11 – 17, 2020

Spirit Adrift
Spirit Adrift

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting something to get excited about—let’s face the fact that there’s a critical shortage of that—it’s Spirit Adrift week, FINALLY. Their fourth full length is everything you love about them but better, bigger, and just a damn joy to listen to. Beyond that, we’ve got Wayfarer who finally clicked for me with album number four which sees the band really deliver a picture perfect vision of a dust laden, dark Wild West. Bringing forth a killer modern day version of Burnt By The Sun and Origo era Burst is Kneel with their second full length and holy crap I’m all here for it, and prog metallers Calyces offer up an intensely catchy debut. Stellar top four here but there’s much more to explore so head below and enjoy yet another wealth of treasures.

Spirit Adrift – Enlightened In Eternity (20 Buck Spin / Century Media) – metal

Wayfarer – A Romance With Violence (Profound Lore) – black metal

Kneel – Ailment (Raging Planet / Planet K) – metal

Calyces - Impulse to Soar

Calyces – Impulse to Soar (Independent) – prog / metal [profile]

Also on tap:

Abigor – 1993 – Entering the Kingdoms of Darkness (Avantgarde Music) – black metal

Alleyway – After Dark (Sliptrick) – heavy / speed

Altar of Gore – Obscure & Obscene Gods, Physical Press (Nameless Grave) – death metal

Anarchos / Morbid Stench – Ghospels Of Necromancy, Split 7″ EP (Blood Harvest) – extreme metal

AntiMozdeBeast – AntiMozdeBeast II (Independent ) – industrial noise

Aphonic Threnody – The Great Hatred (Transcending Obscurity) – atmospheric death / doom

Arsebreed – Butoh (Brutal Mind) – brutal tech metal

Artillery – The Last Journey (Metal Blade) – metal

Ashenmoon – Umbra I (Golden Robot) – rock

Åskog – Varg (Independent) – black metal

Ataraxia – Quasar (AnnapurnA) – metal

Autocatalytica – Powerclashing Maximalism (Independent) – prog

Benediction – Scriptures (Nuclear Blast) – death metal

Bergeton – Miami Murder (MeusRecords / Darkhan Music) – electronic outrun 

Brand New Punch – ReBurn (Cult Of Parthenope) – groove metal

Cursed Blood – Taker of Life, Vinyl Issue (Creator-Destructor) – death / thrash

Death Nöize – Rites, Curses and Spells (Bestial Burst) – black metal

False Gods – No Symmetry… Only Disillusion (Seeing Red) – sludge / doom

Freaks and Clowns – Justice Elite (Metalville) – rock 

Fumarole – Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes (Interstellar Smoke) – stoner 

Goratory – Sour Grapes (Everlasting Spew) – brutal death metal

Henrik Palm – Poverty Metal (Svart) – post-punk

Hifiklub, Roddy Bottum – Things That Were Lost in the Fire (Dreamy Life Records / Toolong Records) – experimental rock

History – S/T (The Flenser) – post-punk

Infera Bruo – Rites of the Nameless (Prosthetic) – blackened metal

Intaglio – S/T (Solitude Productions / Weird Truth Productions) – funeral doom

Kulick – Yelling In A Quiet Neighborhood (ENCI) – rock

Kraken Duumvirate – The Stars Below, The Seas Above (Silent Future Recordings) – doom

Leviathan – Förmörkelse (Nebular Carcoma / Bile Noire) – black metal

Lord Almighty – Wither (Independent) – prog black metal / sludge

Memoremains – The Cost of Greatness (Independent) – metal

Molassess – Through the Hollow (Season of Mist) – psych rock

Moonlow – Who Are You (Trepanation Recordings) – noise

Mr. Bison – Seaward (Subsound) – heavy psych

Netherblade – Reborn (Dark Hammer Legion / Volcano) – thrash

Night Cobra – In Praise of the Shadow, EP (NCR) – metal / punk

Oblivion Beach – Cold River Spell (Schwarzdorn Production) – doom

Odium Humani – Generis Przeddzien (Cult Of Parthenope) – black metal

Ritual Suicide – Nocturnal Haematolagnia (Esfinge de la Calavera) – black metal

Septage – Septic Decadence, EP (Me Saco Un Ojo) – metal

Silvera – Edge of the World (Mighty Music) – rock

Skalmold – 10 Year Anniversary, Live in Reykjavik (Napalm) – viking metal

Sons of Otis – Isolation (Totem Cat) – stoner doom

Star Insight – Across the Galaxy (Inverse Records) – symphonic metal

Temple of the Fuzz Witch – Red Tide (Interstellar Smoke) – fuzz

The Myopia Condition – Event Horizon (Independent) – metal

Vultör – Visões do Fim (Murder) – death metal 

– Josh

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