The Third Circle of Bandcamp: September 2020 Edition

third circle of Bandcamp header

Well, it’s October. We’ll ignore the fact that it’s almost November, because what can I say? It’s been a busy stretch of life, on top of COVID-fatigue and existential dread. But we’re all here for the riffs, right?

Straight to the point, here’s a mix of September’s releases worth checking out, starting with an excellent dose of sludgey stoner rock via All Them Witches, and a demented storm of avant-garde black metal from Serpent Column. Next up is a bit of blackened atmospheric death metal (is that a thing?) by Marche Funèbre, and then the one-two punch of a new rager from Cloudkicker and the blackened post-hardcore of Ancst. Let the blackened sludge doom by Jupiterian tear you down (Ian’s review), only to be built back up by the excellent gazey post-metal from Svalbard (my review). We wrap with the intro track from The Ocean’s latest (9C’s Album of the Month), and I am out of here until next time.. 

(It would cost about $13 to create this album, and $49 to buy everything. Three of these albums are Pay What You Want.)


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