The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Capra was April 2021’s Album of the Month!

Episode 77 of The Nine Circles Audio Thing covers the debut full length from Louisiana’s Capra, In Transmission. Buke again captains the episode with a light cast of the usual suspects in tow as they discuss, and break down this album, band, and its dual label release.

You know how this works…team members take turns picking their favorite album of the month and In Transmission was Ian’s pick. This album was pretty much an instant hit, all the way around the back office, as soon as Ian announced it and it has only grown closer and closer to the heart as time has passed. It’s an incredibly vicious album but with a deeply emotional soul to it through hardcore, sludge, a touch of punk, and an amazing vocalist that casts a huge presence. There’s plenty of back and forth on just how good this album is, the dual label release, Capra’s energy and insane talent throughout, and whether anyone can actually pick just one favorite track. Following that is a roundhouse of “what else tripped our triggers in April” and a wide array of personal achievements since our last album pick.

All this and so much more as we dive head first into our fourth AOTM for 2021!  So jump in and get an earful!

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In the meantime, keep it heavy…keep it safe…and we’ll see you next time!

In Transmission is available now on Metal Blade Records and Blacklight Media. For more information on Capra, visit their Facebook page.

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