TECHNICALLY INCLINED, Episode 5: Cerebrum’s “Iridium”

Technically Inclined is back! And Hera — having NOW (but not at the time of recording) newly completed grad school — has rejoined the fold once again! And this time out, we’re talking about Greek progressive death crew Cerebrum and their third album, Iridium.

But we’re also talking about other stuff! Like Gojira. And how Hera is synesthetic, which mesmerized the hell out of Buke. And also, bands in Greece. And also also, the line between prog death and tech death, and what each entails. It was a fun time! There’s much laughter on this here recording.

Plus, Iridium! It dropped in 2018 on Transcending Obscurity. It’s also quite good and you should definitely listen to it.

For more details, jump on in and give the fifth iteration of Technically Inclined a full listen!

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Keep it heavy,

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