Blood Red: Hooptober 8.0 — Week Five

hooptober week 5

I think I’ve hit that saturation point, folks. As of this writing I’ve watched and reviewed 25 films in 31 days. Nine more to go if I want to complete the entire run by Halloween. I think I’ll make it, but I won’t lie…the burnout is approaching. It doesn’t help when I’m as disappointed as I was finally seeing Halloween Kills after more than a year of delays. But there you go. I also wish I enjoyed watching Telly Savalas as a demon in the usually reliable Mario Bava’s Lisa and the Devil but alas, this late entry in the master’s filmography was a bit of a letdown (though nowhere near as bad as the latest go with Michael Myers). It wasn’t all bad, though: decades may have passed since I first watched it but I’m happy to say the original Evil Dead has lost none of its punch, and if anything has become even more lean and nasty than I remember. I also had a bunch of fun with the latest Amazon/Blumhouse collaboration Black as Night, a fun vampire film that I wish could have been a series instead. Great lead performance. And finally, holy crap – Suicide Club may hold the honor of freaking me out more than any other horror film in recent memory. It’s a massive middle finger to folks who shoot for gonzo and think that means kitchen-sink insanity.

It’s late, I’m beat and 2 scotches in a this point. As always, scan the summaries, check out the full reviews over on Cinema Dual, and I’ll see you in seven days… 

The young, beautiful Lisa is touring Spain with a bus group when she is captivated by a fresco depicting the Devil taking away the dead. She leaves the tour group and gets lost, meeting along the narrow streets a man who suspiciously looks like the aforementioned Devil carrying a mannequin. Soon she is lost, meeting up with a wealthy couple and their chauffeur who offer to drive her back to town, only break down in front of an ominous old mansion. Surprise! The man is there, and he’s the butler to a creepy old blind Mona and a very passionate young man, who entreats them to stay. Bad idea, as Lisa discovers the house and its inhabitants (both visible and otherwise) have deeper, darker secrets that threaten her life. If all of this isn’t creepy enough, the fact that the Devil/butler is played by a lip-smacking Telly Savalas should get you properly freaked…

(full review here)

It was the summer Shawna finally got breasts…and the summer she became a vampire killer. The young Shawna is struggling – she’s constantly being reinforced that her dark complexion isn’t the trend with what’s “beautiful” and she also dealing with a mother living in the projects of New Orleans, a victim of drugs and an uncaring power structure that left her in a traumatic place after the horrors of Hurricane Katrina. On top of all of that, it looks like someone or something is preying on the homeless in the projects. When Shawna herself is attacked after leaving a party, she comes to understand the unholy threat that is plaguing her community, although the reason why might be a much harder thing to face than the armies of the undead coming to feast of the blood of the community…

(full review here)

C’mon…if you don’t know this one by now are you really a horror fan? That’s a terrible thing to say, maybe you have your reasons, but…I mean…c’mon! It’s THE EVIL DEAD! Ash and Linda and their friends go out for a trip in the woods! They find the Necronomicon! Evil erupts! Vines! Things trapped in the cellar! ASH!!!!!!! THE CABIN IN THE WOODS! CANTED ANGLES! THE “VAS_O_CAM”! ALL THE CAMERA STUFF! DID I MENTION ASH?!?!

(full review here)

It’s a normal day at the train station, work commuters and school kids waiting for the next train to take them along their way. 54 school kids joyously hold hands, count to three…and throw themselves to the tracks. What at first seems like a tragic but isolated incident starts to grow, with more and more people suddenly committing suicide. The police are confounded, moreso once they discover a website is predicting the suicides…and the weird rolls of stitched together flesh. What? Is it a cult? Does it have something to do with the bubblegum pop group Dessert? A pair of cops and an intrepid hacker race to figure out what is happening before more people start to take the fall.

(full review here)

Immediately following the events of the first film we flip back to to 1977for another view of what happened at the film’s climax from the point of view of the cops. Then it’s back to the present and guess what? Michael Myers is still alive despite the Strode women’s best efforts. Michael keeps on his rampage for no discernible reason, and the entire town rises up led by Tommy, the young boy Laurie protected back in 1977 to stop the Shape from continuing to terrorize Haddonfield. A lot fo people die, a lot of people wonder if they’re responsible for whatever it is Michael wants and the audience? We’re left trying to piece together any sort of reason for how Michael can now waistband modern laws of physics, multiple stab wounds and being lit aflame. is it because he feeds off the evil and violence of what is done to him? Or is it because the script is kind of lazy and scattered and doesn’t know what it wants? I don’t know, but I’m glad I still have my blu-ray of Halloween II

(full review here)

Two weeks left, everyone. Demonic horror, Hammer horror, and a truly terrible film about a killer snowman. Get ready.

Until then, keep it Blood Red.

– Chris

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