Initial Descent: October 24 – 30, 2021

Archspire 2021

Ok folks, last full week of spooky season so get your scare on…stat. Or, you could go watch this gory bit from Archspire and consider yourself covered. Speaking of… this week’s new metal release list kicks off with bonkers tech death from, you guessed it, Archspire and it does indeed slap, and slay, in equal parts. We’ve got another tech death slab in the form of jazz hands from First Fragment, deep and fuzzy doom from Monolord who stay as consistently good as ever, a new slab of mastometal from Mastodon, and many, many more in the list that follows. Yep, another great week for new releases and yet another long list to keep you busy. Don’t forget to gorge on horror and scary stuff while you’re shovelin’ cash at all these artists, think of it as a treat or treat scenario where it’s a treat for you and a treat for them. Enjoy.

Archspire - Bleed the Future

Archspire – Bleed the Future (Season of Mist) – tech death

First Fragment - Gloire Eternelle

First Fragment – Glorie Éternelle (Unique Leader) – tech death

Monolord - Your Time To Shine

Monolord  – Your Time To Shine (Relapse) – doom

Mastodon - Hushed and Grim

Mastodon – Hushed and Grim (Reprise) – mastometal

Also on tap:

Aexylium – The Fifth Season (Rockshots) – folk metal

Aggression – Field of Nightmares (Xtreem Music) – thrash

An Unction In Braille – The Wordless Whisper, EP (Independent) – deathcore

Anti Ritual – Expel the Leeches (Indisciplinarian) – hardcore

Arde – Ancestral Cult (Wolves of Hades / Alerta Antifascista) – black metal

Bloodmouth – Unmanned (Brilliant Emperor Records) – deathgrind

Burial – Inner Gateways to the Slumbering Equilibrium at the Center of Cosmos (Everlasting Spew) – death metal

Burning Tongue – Prisoner’s Cinema (Aqualamb) – black / grind

Conjureth – Majestic Dissolve (Memento Mori / Rotted Life) – death metal 

Contrition – Broken Mortal Coil (Disorder) – metal

Corpse Vomit – Drowning In Puke, Reissue (Emanzipation Productions) – extreme

Count Raven – The Sixth Storm (I Hate) – doom

Cruzeiro – S/T (Interstellar Smoke Records, Vertebrae, Lunar Seas Records, Cain Records) – stoner doom

Cult of Eibon – Black Flame Dominion (Iron Bonehead) – black metal

Evil Damn – Necronomicon (Hells Headbangers) – death metal

Ghost Bath – Self Loather (Nuclear Blast) – black metal

Giobia / The Cosmic Dead – Split (Heavy Psych Sounds) – space rock

Grand Cadaver – Into the Maw of Death (Majestic Mountain) – death metal

Haxkapell – Elhymner (Nordvis) – black metal

Helheim – WodurdaR (Dark Essence) – metal

Holy Death – Separate Mind From Flesh (Seeing Red Records) – death/doom

Huronian – As Cold As A Stranger Sunset (Dolorem) – melodic black / death metal 

Infernal Torment – Birthrate Zero, Reissue (Emanzipation Productions) – death metal

Intaglio – II (Independent) – doom opera

Iro Haarla Electric Ensemble – What Will We Leave Behind – Images From Planet Earth (Svart Records) – prog jazz rock

Kaeck – Het Zwarte Dictatt (Folter) – black metal

Kayo Dot – Moss Grew on the Swords and Plowshares Alike (Prophecy Productions) – avantgarde metal

Keith Cook – Rock & Roll Riot (Riot) – rock

Knivad – Insidans Arravnad (Suicide) – punk / hardcore / metal

Lucifer – IV (Century Media) – metal

Lys – Silent Woods (Avantgarde Music) – atmospheric black metal

Marene – After Life, EP (Independent) – rock

Morgal – Nightmare Lord (Werewolf) – metal

Mortal Vision – Mind Manipulation (Redefining Darkness Records) – thrash

Olio Tahtien Takana – Spectral Katharsis (Avantgarde Music) – symphonic black metal

Panzerchrist – Soul Collector, Re-Release (Emanzipation Productions) – death metal

Prophetic Scourge – Gnosis – A Sorrower’s Odyssey (Klonosphere) – death metal

Royal Hunt – Land of Broken Hearts, Reissue (Independent) – power metal

Sammy Berell – Beyond The Veil (Dark Force Records) – melodic hard rock

Somnent – Gardens from Graves (GS Productions) – epic doom metal

Sunless – Ylem (Willowtip) – death metal

Teethgrynder – Hostages (Isolation) – dark

The Design Abstract – Metemtechnosis (Abstrakted) – melodic death metal 

The Shape – In the Age of Doom and Fear (Independent) – rock 

Thrash La Reine – Notre Dame de l’Enfer (Bam & Co Heavy) – folk

Threshing Spirit – The Crucible (American Decline / An American Dreams) – black metal

Varechian – Tabula Rasa Ultima /// The Morbidoom (Sliptrick) – black / death

Vector Seven – Dark Metropolis (Darkhan Music) – synthwave

Vedet – Terminal, EP (Kohina) – sludge / post-metal

Vile Aesthetic – To Bloom and Flourish from Utter Rot (Independent) – black metal

Whitechapel – Kin (Metal Blade) – metal


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