Initial Descent: November 20 – 26, 2022

High Command

Turkey time. And, that’s about all we’ll say about that. Hard to believe it’s almost another year down, but we’ve still got a few more weeks of releases to go before we flip the page and this week we’ve got some crossover thrash from High Command, death metal from Lucifericon, gloom and funeral doom from Estrangement, more death metal from Sépulcre, and a ton more in the list that follows. Again this week, there’s tons across the spectrum to tickle every funny bone out there so no excuses. Dig in and we’ll see you here throughout the week.

High Command – Eclipse of the Dual Moons (Southern Lord) – crossover thrash

Lucifericon – The Warlock of Da’ath (Invictus) – death metal

Estrangement – Disfigurementality (Aesthetic Death) – funeral doom

Sépulcre – Cursed Ways of Sheol (Invictus Productions) – death metal

Also on tap:

Alienatör – Regrets (Independent) – punk / noise

Alwanzatar – Kosmisk Skrekk (Apollon) – gloom

Anomaly – Somewhere Within the Pines (Independent) – prog death

Aviscerus – Visceral Depths (Independent) – progressive death metal

Bent Out Of Shape – Old Rats On A New Ship (Demons Run Amok Entertainment) – street punk

Black Beast – Arctic Darkness (Primitive Reaction) – black metal

Black Paisley – Human Nature (Independent) – rock

Blackrain – Untamed (Steamhammer / SPV) – sleaze rock

Cave Dweller – Invocations (Aesthetic Death) – neo-folk

Chernobyl Jazz Club – Grimulaust (Argonauta) – rock

Ciminero – Shadows Digging the Grave (Argonauta) – occult rock / doom

Crown of Ascension – Transmission Errors (Xenoglossy) – black metal

Dark Matter – The Rectory (WormHoleDeath) – metal

Der Trauerschwan – Sanguinare Vampiris (Soulseller) – black / doom

Diverted Disorder – Technical Difficulties (Independent) – alt-metal

Djevel – Naa Skrider Natten Sort (Independent) – black metal

Doomsday – Depictions of Chaos (Creator-Destructor) – thrash

(Echo) – Witnesses (Black Lion Records) – atmospheric death/doom

Euphrosyne – Keres (Independent) – post black metal

Extirpation – The Endless Storm (Chaos Records) – black thrash

Finnegan’s Hell – One Finger Salute (Sound Pollution) – celtic punk

Förgjord – Ruumissaarna Pt 1 (Werewolf) – black metal

Gondhawa – Mäanthagor, EP (Stolen Body) – psych rock 

Grave With A View – S/T, EP (Independent) – black ‘n’ roll

Hei’An – imago (SAOL) – prog metal

Hibernus Mortis – The Monoliths of Cursed Slumber (Blood Harvest) – death metal

Höwler – Descendants of Evil (Independent) – thrash

I’ll Be Damned – Culture (Mighty Music) – rock

In The Woods… – Diversum (Soulseller) – metal

Induction – Born From Fire (Atomic Fire) – power metal

Jade – The Pacification of Death (Pulverised) – death metal

Jaded Truth – Take A Seat (Independent) – rock

Judicator – The Majesty of Decay (Prosthetic) – power metal

Karg – Resignation (AOP) – atmospheric black metal

Katapult – Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes (Discouraged) – death / thrash

Knim – What A Star Falls (Independent) – prog metal

La Muerte – Sortilegia (Consouling Sounds) – goth metal

League of Distortion – S/T (Napalm) – metal

Leather – We Are The Chosen (Steamhammer / SPV) – metal

Lee Aaron – Elevate (Metalville) – rock

Lower Automation – Strobe Light Shadow Play (Zegema Beach) – mathcore / punk

Lykotonon – Promethean Pathology (Profound Lore) – dark industrial

Maceration – It Never Ends… (Emanzipation Productions) – death metal

Melted Bodies – The Inevitable Fork Vol. 1, EP (Independent) – math metal

Monolithe – Kosmodron / Kassiopea (Time Tombs Production) – doom

Mother Anxiety – Guillotine Age (Trepanation) – industrial

Mycelium – Mycoticism (Disseminating the Propagules) (Blood Harvest) – black metal

Nazghor – Seventh Secular Crusade (Independent) – black metal

Neptunian Maximalism – Finis Gloriae Mundi (I, Voidhanger) – psych

Ofdrykkja – After the Storm (AOP Records) – ambient black metal

Ofermod – Ofermodian Litanies (Shadow / Regain) – black metal

Orphique – Consecration Cadaverique (Sepulchral) – black metal

Our Mirage – Eclipse (Arising Empire) – post-hardcore

Pursuit – Loose Lips (Independent) – rock

Rienaus – Luciferille (KVLT) – black metal

Rome – Hegemonikon (Trisol Music Group) – dark folk / rock

Sci-Fi Scientists – Sars Attacks (Sliptrick) – industrial 

She Said Destroy – Bleeding Fiction II: Child of Tomorrow (Mas-Kina Recordings) – post-metal

Sirrush – Molon Labe (Non Serviam) – death metal

Stones of Babylon – Ishtar Gate (Raging Planet) – psych metal

Tchornobog / Abyssal – Split, EP (Lupus Lounge) – death metal

Terrorhammer – Gateways to Hades (Osmose) – speed metal

The Last Ten Seconds Of Life – Disquisition of an Execution, EP (Unique Leader) – death metal

The Riven – Peace and Conflict (The Sign) – rock / metal

The Wolves Of Avalon – Y Gododdin (Godreah Records) – pagan metal

Ultar – At the Gates of Dusk (RockMark) – post-black metal

Vengeur – Par Feu et Par Flammes (I, Voidhanger) – black / electronic

Whirlwind  – 1714 (Fighter) – heavy metal 

Witchmaster – Kazn (Agonia) – black / thrash


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