Receiving the Evcharist:  Moor and Campanology Brewing’s Peach Ale

Receiving the Evcharist 2018

Life has been a bit of a rollercoaster lately, and suitably so, I am about to tell you about two things that do not go together at all.  However, I can say that the two enjoyed together provide a nice balance of sorts.  Please enjoy this juxtaposition of heavy doom and a bright fruity ale and let us drink from the cup of heresy.  This week’s offerings:  Moor‘s Heavy Heart and Campanology Brewing’s Peach Ale.

The Tunes:  Moor — Heavy Heart

Now playing:  an album enveloped in chains weighted by raw music forged in the fires of pain and serving as a memory, a tribute, and yet the beginning of something new that will hopefully grow and thrive from the ashes.  Doom metal band Moor are emerging from the void with their debut release Heavy Heart and it is with such that this album is introduced.  Within a matter of weeks of recording, two band members were diagnosed with cancer—guitarist Ben Laging and bassist and co-founder of Moor, Christian Smukal.  In 2022, Smukal lost his battle with cancer.  His wish was for the band to continue and with the help of introducing two new members, the album was completed.  The music within is powerfully emotional, heavy, and slow offering a carathis and a chance for a legacy to be immortalized and a new band to evolve and gain the following they deserve.  Each of these seven tracks are extremely well crafted and produced with anguished vocals, crashing drums, and dense doom-y melodies that ring out.  Tempos are slow and marching, trudging along in the density of it all.  Each contribution is clearly heard and felt and the impact is powerful.  Moor is a group of talented musicians and without knowing, it is not obvious that this a debut album.  Heavy Heart is expertly made and I am eager to see where the band goes and what they will create next with their two new members.  The foundation and Smukal’s presence will live on and remain present in future releases, I am sure.

The Booze:  Campanology Brewing — Peach Ale

Bringing something bright and fresh for late spring/early summer, Campanology Brewing (found at Trader Joe’s) released a peach ale, simply and aptly named… Peach Ale.  It is a Berliner Weisse style beer with sour notes and a wheaty body.  It is brewed with peach purée as well as apple juice and pineapple juice.  Do not let that fool you, this beer has a 7% abv so it still packs a bit of a punch!  Even so, it is very easy to drink, refreshing, sweet, and sour.  Immediately upon cracking it open, you can smell peaches.  Each sip evolves—it is at first very wheaty with a traditional ale taste before moving to the juicy flavors and ending with a tart finish.  The beer is more sweet than sour which I was a little disappointed by but still overall, this is a very delicious beer.  The flavors are very rich without being overly sweet or strong.  I know my fruit rival Vince will not be partaking as he hates all the fruits that I cannot get enough of but if you are a fan of peach, I definitely recommend running to Trader Joe’s and picking up a pack of these ales before it disappears from the shelves!

Cheers and blessed be,

— Angela

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