Throwback Thursday: June 19, 2014

What’s this–an actual, non-Quickies post during the week? Yes, friends, it’s been a busy stretch for both of us at our real jobs lately, and while Corey’s stuck doing Boston work-things again, I couldn’t possibly say no to a new installment of Throwback Thursday. So let’s not waste any time–my #tbt for this week is as follows:


Since I chose “Cowboys from Hell” as the U.S. representative in our World Cup of Metal playlist last week, I’ve actually stayed on a bit of a Pantera kick. So I chose the following YouTube clip–concert footage from one of their shows on Ozzfest in 2000. Check it out:

Once you’ve stopped wondering how the fuck Pantera were only allocated 21 minutes of stage time as the direct lead-in to Ozzy Osbourne (I still don’t get it. Oh wait, I do–it’s because Ozzfest sucked a fuck), you start to notice a few things. Things like: “wow, Pantera really was something live!” And things like “how dare they try and reform Pantera without Dimebag?” That guitar performance? Just unreal. Phil Anselmo, no real surprise, doesn’t sound all that great–though it’s probably a side effect of having too much energy on stage, which…fourteen years and probably 25 pounds later, you no longer see from him on a consistent basis. Also, his “god damn we’re great. Let’s hear it, we’re awesome!” rant toward the end of the set is pretty hilarious.

More than anything, though, this video really makes me wish I’d been able to catch these guys live even once. Not their side projects–be it Down, Hellyeah, Damageplan, or any of the others–fucking Pantera. And with the 10th anniversary of Dime’s death coming up later this year (10th!), you can be I’ll be ruminating a lot more about having missed them over the next few months. In any case, take a look back at this ass-kicker and enjoy.

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Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.

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