Video Premiere: Lord – “La Fleur Du Cobalt”

Lord - Desperation Finds Hunger In All Men

Virginia’s Lord will be releasing their newest effort, Desperation Finds Hunger In All Men, on August 24 via Heavy Hound Records but today, Nine Circles is proud to present the video premiere of “La Fleur Du Cobalt.” In the event their past work was missed, sludge is the topic but with Lord it certainly is not the end all be all; heavy handed rock and thrash helps pave the way for their all too real lyrical content. It has an air of a group well seasoned in dealing with the topics they cover which makes this album, and their previous efforts for that matter, so much heavier than simply calling it sludge or thrash or whatever the tag of the day might be. Divert your eyes and ears directly below.

Most of you are accustomed to over produced lighting and wild laser shows and whatever else comes along with videos these days. But, Lord keep it simple with their live adaptation of “La Fleur Du Cobalt” and offer the chance to see them click as a group. The band interplay is so fluid, just go back and watch the dual drumming display or the nods of approval from vocalist Steven Kerchner to his bandmates. Seeing just how good they are at this moment in time makes the recent news of their upcoming split much harder, they show more strength here than they ever have. Details can be found in the links below but make sure you don’t miss Desperation Finds Hunger In All Men.


Desperation Finds Hunger In All Men will be available August 24 on Heavy Hound Records. To keep up with all things Lord, visit their Facebook page.

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