Premiere: Kilter – “Behind Your Door”

Kilter - Axiom

When an avantgarde jazz/metal hybrid trio such as Brooklyn’s Kilter write an album inspired by the hustle and grind of New York City — as is the case with upcoming full length, Axiom  there’s a good chance said album will be a multifaceted beast. On the surface, Axiom is a jazz record full of intelligent improvisation but to fully showcase this ‘hustle and grind’ the band employs gnarled apocalyptic doom, noise, and sludgy rhythms to great effect. Each track is a standout on its own but taken together the album plays out like a journey through unknown territory with clear highs and lows along with moments of pure bewilderment. Today, we are pleased to bring you one of the album’s later tracks, “Behind Your Door,” which falls in line with the feelings of being confused by things or, in this case, unknown places. Head below to check it out.

The range of emotions covered in this particular track are mind numbing when considering the subject matter. The way it begins at a slow pace then methodically builds tension with flailing saxophone and flurries of drum blasts mirrors the unnerving feeling of being lost in a maze of streets and buildings as daylight wanes and the possibility of being sucked into the city’s underbelly turns into a real possibility. The best part is, this is just one track off of an ambitious and exciting album with many more twists and turns. 


Given that Kilter is comprised of founder and bassist Laurent David (Electric Epic), Kenny Grohowski (Imperial Triumphant), and Edward Rosenberg III (Jerseyband) it’s not at all surprising that this talented trio have effectively captured the heartbeat of a sprawling city or that Axiom is a freakishly great full length debut. So be sure to grab a copy from the band’s Bandcamp page and at Alter-Nativ Music Label. To keep up with all things Kilter, visit their Facebook page.


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