The Third Circle of Bandcamp: June 2020 Edition

third circle of Bandcamp header

Something about summer. I always find my tastes changing a bit during the hot months, and layer on month four of working from home, never going to stores or seeing friends, and I find myself less and less drawn to the depressing and soul crushing metal that is normally my utter jam. So this month it’s a little more upbeat, a little more positive, a little more energetic, and of course, angry. Because there’s still so so much to be angry about.

Anyway, welcome to June.

We start soft with a bit of experimental electronic, with a track from Movi, whose album caught me the right way. A Light in the Dark provides some electro tinged blackgaze to chill with, and Dismalimerence (review) offers some quality atmospheric black metal to continue the mood. Heavy and calming alt-rock riffs from Hum’s surprise release get you grooving. However, we need a bit more energy up in this place, and you know I love some d-beat riffs: Inexorum (Vincent’s eucharist) delivers in the form of blackened melodic death metal. This next one is a cheat because I’ve featured it before, but Vile Creature (review) are so good, their experimental doom sludge bears a second listen (and then some). Keeping it heavy, we have End’s hardcore / grindcore mix, and we wrap with A Dark Orbit, the legit surprise of the month for me, with their screamo-meets-metalcore-Meshuggah flavor.

That’s it, that’s June, that’s the post. As always, support artists.

(Create this album for $20.50, or buy it all for $51. Two of these albums are Name Your Price.) 

– Charles

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