Premiere: Handful of Hate – “Carved In Disharmony”

Handful of Hate - Adversus

One year removed from Handful of Hate’s silver anniversary as a black metal wrecking crew, code666 and Aural Music will be handling the release of their seventh full length, Adversus, on May 10 and lucky for you, that’s next week. For now though we are pleased to bring you the premiere of third track, “Carved In Disharmony.” As you’ll hear immediately below, this track is relentless and hateful which are two things the band has had plenty of time to hone into a sharp point. Take a listen and get prepared.

It would be foolish to say “Carved In Disharmony” is one of the fastest tracks on Adversus as all ten are blasphemous speed demons. What we get here is a slight death metal feel and even (gasp) melody which only means this is a well rounded example of what Handful of Hate have been working towards all these years. Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Adversus on May 10 via code666 and Aural Music, then head over to the band’s Facebook page for more information.

Handful of Hate


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