Initial Descent: August 18 – 24, 2019

Sacred Reich
Sacred Reich

We do this every week and if your band or label wants to be included in future editions, or for other coverage, please reach out via – we’d love to hear from you. Our contact info is on the main page as well but hey, we’re all about keeping it easy. New metal for a new week so let’s get to it…

We’ve got Sacred Reich with their first full length in 23 years and if there’s even a thought that they might miss a step, dispel it immediately as their thrash metal is as on point here as it ever has been and that album art is sooooo skate deck ready. Boston sludgers Leather Lung offer up their third full length and it’s a dirty, nasty scorcher, Swamp Coffin dig on Nola-esque sludge as well as seedy death metal on their debut EP, and Swedeath veterans Sorcery slice and dice with the fury of a runaway chainsaw on their fourth full length. 

All that and much more in store. Seek and destroy.

Sacred Reich - Awakening

Sacred Reich – Awakening (Metal Blade Records) – thrash

Leather Lung - Lonesome On'ry and Evil

Leather Lung – Lonesome, On’ry and Evil (Magnetic Eye) – sludge [profile]

Swamp Coffin - Flatcap Bastard Features

Swamp Coffin – Flatcap Bastard Features, EP (Independent) – sludge

Sorcery - Necessary Excess of Violence

Sorcery – Necessary Excess of Violence (Xtreem Music) – death metal 

Also on tap:

8kids – Blüten (Napalm) – post-hardcore

Abysmalist – Reflections of Horror (Caligari Records) – death metal

Agenda – Apocalyptic Wasteland Blues (Fysisk Format) – d-beat / hardcore

Aktaion – Above Empires (Independent) – melodic metal

Amanita Virosa – Original Plague (Inverse) – metal

Arshenic – Final Collision (Sliptrick) – modern metal

Astralium – Land of Eternal Dreams (Rockshots / Spiritual Beast) – symphonic metal

Book of Wyrms – Remythologizer (Twin Earth Records / Stoner Witch) – stoner metal

Coarse – Cut and Preserved (6131) – noise / hardcore

Darkened – Into the Blackness, EP (Edged Circle Productions) – death metal

Dead Feathers – All is Lost (Ripple Music) – psych metal

Destroy Planets! – Mass X Gravity (Independent) – modern metal

Eternal Storm – Come the Tide (Transcending Obscurity) – death metal

Greve – Nidingsdåd utav det Uråldriga, 7” (Purity Through Fire) – black metal

Hagzissa – They Ride Along (Iron Bonehead) – black metal

Helvetets Port – From Life To Death (High Roller) – heavy metal

Infinity Shred – Forever, A Fast Life (3DOT Recordings) – post-metal

Isole – Dystopia (Hammerheart) – doom

Lagerstein – 25/7 (Kegstand) – pirate metal

Mavorim – Aasfresser (Purity Through Fire) – black metal

Meth. – Mother of Red Light (Prosthetic) – experimental noise

Nemesea – White Flag (Napalm) – electronica

Neptrecus – Ars Gallica (Purity Through Fire) – black metal

Ole English – S/T (Independent) – stoner

Pa Vash En – Pyrefication (Iron Bonehead) – black metal

Pseudocommando – A Home Beneath the Floorboards, Cassette Reissue (Sentient Ruin) – noise / electronic

Redd Kross – Beyond the Door (Merge) – rock / power-pop

Scimitar – Shadows of Man (Independent) – melodic death / black / folk

Sterling Serpent – S/T, EP (Ván) – doom

The Electric Mud – Burn the Ships (Independent) – stoner

Walking Bombs – Sphinges, Sibling Selves and Queens (Nefarious Industries) – avant-garde 

Wingtips – Exposure Theory (Artoffact) – darkwave

Wrvth – No Rising Sun (Unique Leader) – post-metal

– Josh

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