The Third Circle of Bandcamp: Year End 2019 Edition

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Welcome back, friendo. This month we’re going to do it a little different, because December was slow AF, and we’re all in the spirit of year-end lists. So this time, I’m going to give you a selection of my absolute favorite tracks of the year. Things you might have missed, things *I* might have missed. Just good music all around. 2019 was a year for the books, fingers crossed 2020 delivers. We’ll see what January gives us.

Oh yeah. This one’s a double. What can I say? It was a great year. Oh, and it ain’t all metal. Sorry metal fam, sometimes you just gotta take your medicine. Clocking in at just over two hours, I hope this helps you adjust to the fact that we now live in the future.

Disc one starts with the opening track from the new WRVTH, an album I missed at release but scratches that itch of heterogeneous yet vaguely post-hardcore music. Following that, we have the absolute summer anthem of the year from Torche’s latest banger, which leads into the riff-laden second track of Conjurer and Pijn’s divine collaboration. Cloudkicker comes next, inspiring prog to lift you towards the sky… only to be dragged back down to hell via Vile Creature’s nihilistic rage, which continues with more of A Pregnant Light’s purple metal. Moon Tooth then delivers one of their signature catchy sing-alongs, which builds into my absolute favorite track off this year’s Allegaeon. We wrap it all up with the most intense track off Numenorean’s Adore.

Disc two is decidedly more upbeat and less metal; at least it starts that way with the first single released from Infinity Shred’s synth driven shred-fest. Dialing it down, we have half of 夢遊病者(Sleepwalker)’s most recent mind-bending psych-experimental-post-rock EP, which sets the stage for Clipping’s hip-hop “horror-core” as a friend calls it. Then we get a taste of why Rabea Massaad is one of my favorite guitarists with his godly trip-hop tune, and the favorite guitarist trend continues with Robb Cappelletto (featuring Aaron Marshall of Intervals). Just a bit more with virtuoso Mdou Moctar’s Saharan guitar rock. At this point I’ve held it off long enough, so back to metal we go, with the opener from Grant The Sun’s space themed post-prog EP, then we kick it up with Cloud Rat’s track-which-is-almost-entirely-a-breakdown. Fen follows with their wonderful mash of progressive and atmospheric black metal. Hath delivers the heaviest track on this mix with some blackened death metal, and then we wrap with the final track off Astronoid’s self-titled.

I hope this is two hours well spent, and we’ll see you in February.

Disc One:

Disc Two:

(Make this album for about $29, or buy all the albums for about $135. Four of these albums are Name Your Price. Support artists!)

– Charles


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