Blood Red, AUDIO EDITION: Episode 1 – “Blood Quantum” (2019)

Is COVID still a thing? COVID must still be a thing, because we’re all bored out of our minds in quarantine. But that’s okay, because that boredom has brought us here: to the debut aural edition of the Blood Red column here on the Nine Circles Audio Thing!

That’s right: we’re gonna be talking horror here on the Audio Thing, folks. Blood Red mastermind Chris rounded up Dan and Buke for the first of what will hopefully be many shriektastic conversations going forward. Zombies, slashers, demons, psychologicals…you name it, we’ll watch and then dissect it here on the pod. Between Chris and Dan’s love of horror and Buke’s love of comic relief, it should definitely make for a podcast.

In this first edition, the guys got together to talk about the 2019 film, Blood Quantum, by director Jeff Barnaby. The film tells the story of a zombie outbreak through the perspective of the Mi’kmaq First Nations tribe in northeast Canada. There’s all the blood and gore you’d expect, but also an interesting perspective shift you might not see coming.

Can’t say too much more without triggering a SPOILER ALERT, but take our word for it: it’s worth a watch. Wanna learn more? You can stream Blood Quantum exclusively on Shudder. And then, jump on in and give Episode 1 a listen!

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