Initial Descent: October 16 – 22, 2022

How do you NOT use this pic for the header?

Fearless Editor Josh™ is on a much needed vacation from the 9C offices cooking up some lovely shrimp dishes with his family, so I’m taking the reins for this week’s Initial Descent to let you heathens know what’s the what in new music being released this week. And right off the bat we got Matt Harvey and the gang from Exhumed serving up their new platter just in time for, uh…monsters and pirate cosplay, I guess? Who knows, the album kicks ass. Elsewhere we got a pair of post-rock hammers falling with both God Alone and Lost in Kiev, the re-emergence of SubRosa in their new guise of The Otolith and finally, since you know you’re curious, rising like a one-eyed yellow and black phoenix it’s Stryper. Because I don’t know if we’ve ever mentioned Stryper on this site, and I admit I dig the single.

Exhumed – To The Dead (Relapse) – death metal

god alone - etc

God Alone – ETC (Prosthetic) – math/post-rock

Lost in Kiev – Rupture (Pelagic) – post-rock

The Otolith – Folium Limina (Blues Funeral) – avant-garde doom

Stryper – The Final Battle (Frontiers Music, s.r.l.) – metal

Also on tap:

A Wake in Providence – Eternity (Unique Leader) – deathcore

Abduction – Black Blood (Candlelight) – black metal

Battalions – King of a Dead World (APL) – sludge

Black Math Horsemen – S/T EP (Profound Lore) – metal

Black Royal – Earthbound (M-Theory Audio) – sludge

Black Space Riders – We Have Been Here Before (Cargo) – psych

Black Widows – Among the Brave Ones (Inverse) – metal

Blakk Ledd – Heavy Metal Fans (Independent) – heavy metal

Burker – S/T EP (Independent) – death metal

Cabal – Magno Interitus (Nuclear Blast) – black/death metal

Chez Kane – Powerzone (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) – rock

Coathanger Abortion – Plan C (Comatose) – death metal

Crooked Royals – Quarter Life Daydream (3DOT Recordings) – metal

Darko – Sparkle EP (Thousand Island Records/Lockjaw Records) – punk

Demogorgon – You Are Worthless and I Want You Dead (Sliptrick) – black metal

Diabolical Raw – Elegy of Fire Dusk (Base Record Production) – black metal

Folkrim – On Foaming Waves (Inverse) – folk metal

Ggu:II – Ex Est (Consouling Sounds) – black/doom

Gospelheim – Ritual & Repetition (Prophecy) – goth rock

Kajoshin – Chrisalys (WormHoleDeath) – progressive rock

Kathryn Mohr – Holly (The Flenser) – experimental

Mal – Malburn (Ordovician) – noise/metal

Martyred – The Relegation (Time to Kill) – death metal

MesaVerde – KY (Apollon) – rock

Metrolight – S/T (Tee Pee) – synthpop

Michael Rudolph Cummings – You Know How I Get (Ripple Music) – folk

Militarie Gun – All Roads Lead to the Gun, Deluxe (Independent) – metal

Nameless Theory – Into the Void (WormHoleDeath) – metal

No Return – Requiem (Mighty Music) – melodic death metal

Ols – Pustkowia (Pagan) – dark neofolk

Omegavortex / Pious Levus – Split (Invictus / Dark Descent) – death metal

O.R.k. – Screamnasium (Kscope) – rock

Prezir / Beastlurker – Faustian Hallucinations (Chaos) – black metal

Radiant – Ora EP (Jarane) – noise

Rattlesnake Venom Trip – Dead Empire (Independent) – metal

Renunciation – Autelmorte (Independent) – black/death

Ruby the Hatchet – Fear is a Cruel Master (Magnetic Eye) – psych metal

Sarcator – Alkahest (Black Lion) – black/thrash

Sede Vacante – Conium (Scarlet) – symphonic metal

Steel Inferno – Evil Reign (From the Vaults) – metal

Taking Balfour – Dawn of Polaris (Independent) – prog

Teratoma – Chaosmakers (Base Record Production) – death metal

The 40 Thieves – The White Album (WormHoleDeath) – heavy rock

The Lord & Petra Haden – Devotional (Southern Lord) – progressive doom

The New Roses – Sweet Poison (Napalm) – rock

Ugly Kid Joe – Rad Wings of Destiny (Metalville) – rock

Vigilance – ST (Dying Victim Productions) – heavy metal

Vikvanir – On the Shoulders of Gods (Independent) – black metal

Wesenwille – III The Great Light Above (LADLO) – black metal

Wizrd – Seasons (Karisma) – rock


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