Premiere: Laces Out — “Shooter”

Laces Out - Here At The Ashram

New York’s Laces Out describe their brand of post-hardcore and noise rock as “sounds like licking dirt with tiny granules of sugar scattered throughout.” Even with a magic cloak of wordsmithing wizardry we couldn’t describe it better. After furiously writing new tunes throughout the cursed pandemic and on the backside of July’s EP release, Roger Podacter, the band are on the cusp of releasing their full length debut, Here At The Ashram via Nefarious Industries. You’ll have to wait until next week for that but today Nine Circles is proud to bring you the premiere of “Shooter.” Head directly below to check it out.

If you were paying attention, this track hits all the hallmarks of the band’s sound; post-hardcore, hooks for miles, and furious noise rock all wrapped up in one tight package. So yea, licking dirt with granules of sugar is pretty damn apt of a statement. And expect the rest of the album to be as energetic, angry, and catchy as this, just from different angles. 

Ed CiarFella had this to say about the track as a sort of loose description:

Have you ever been so angry with someone or some situation that you’ve contemplated or even fantasized – for a split second – taking a life? It’s kind of a powerless feeling, quite shameful too. I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one.

Laces Out

Laces Out is Steve DeLucia on drums, Ray Wasnieski on bass, and Ed CiarFella on guitar and vocals. Here At The Ashram was engineered and mixed by Jeff Rendano at Boomstick Recording, mastered by Eric Castillo, and topped off with artwork by Joe Kelley. The release will be available on limited edition opaque red vinyl via Nefarious Industries (grab a sweet Finkle tshirt while you’re there) and on all streaming platforms including the band’s own Bandcamp page. To keep up with all things Laces Out, visit their Instagram page.

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