The Nine Circles ov… DEUTSCHLAND 2015!

german flag nine circles ov

Deutschland is known for many things. Not all of them good. But they do make a hell of a bratwurst, some terrific beer and some mind blowing metal. That is, of course, balanced with their love for industrial music, the European Union and excessive amounts of vinyl clothing. But what the heck, right? Corey and I were discussing how great 2015 has been for Germany. In fact, we easily came up with over twenty albums from Germany alone that deserve recognition. Thus, we decided to do a two part series of Nine Circles ov… this time focusing on Germany’s best metal releases of 2015. So first up are my (Manny-O-War) Top 9.

Ahab – The Boats of the Glen Carrig

You know I was going to mention this one so I wanted to get right to it. You can check out my effusive review here and you can be sure this one will battle it out for my best album of 2015. Ahab is progressive funeral doom at the best of both progressive and doom. It’s stellar.

SpeedwhoreThe Future is Now

Billed as a speed metal act, Speedwhore is actually much, much more. More of a death-speed band, Speedwhore tends to bring the fury in a bit more intense manner than your standard speed metal. Definitely a fun listen.

Shrine of Insanabilis Disciples of the Void

As if this album needs any introduction. We reviewed it here. But it’s going to get consideration on a lot of people’s year end lists. It’s a brilliant album and would make any list not confined to German bands.

Antlers – A Gaze Into the Abyss

I am not often one for atmospheric black metal. But Antlers provide a sadistic and messed up version of the genre. The album is both caustic and agressive while at the same time retaining a modicum of beauty and melody. Definitely not to be missed.


Implore’s brand of crusty, grinding death metal is just what the doctor ordered for any bout of positivity or confidence that might have seeped into your daily routine. The cover alone will bring your insides to suffering.

GoatthroatRites of Blasphemy

As if I was going to get through a list of bands without using at least one band with ‘goat’ in their name. Rites of Blasphemy is the first release in this occult, satanic outfits catalog. And it’s a good one. The sound quality may not be the best but who needs sound quality when you have satan?


Song names loaded with k’s and v’s galore. A band striving for the kvlt label. Well, they got it. (You can check out out review here.) AZAVATAR (the name and album title must be in caps as instructed by the press release) absolutely bring the venom dripping vocals and kvlt-ish black metal. A really terrific album with shades of Aldrahn on the vocal range.


An album that flew completely under the radar, these black metal demons secretly dropped their work on YouTube and impressed from the very first blistering second of the album.

 Carn Dûm – Carn Dûm

I simply can’t resist checking out a Lord of the Rings themed band. And  Carn Dûm was the capital of Angmar located near the Mountains of Angmar, near Mount Gundabad in the Misty Mountains. Therein dwelt the With-King. And the music harnesses all the evil of the leader of the Nazgûl.

– Manny-O-War

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