Album Review: Flidais – “Kazador”


The world of power metal has grown at a great pace over the past 2-3 years. One of the big reasons for that growth is the amount of newer bands contributing, especially bands from North America. Flidais, hailing from Ontario, seem destined to lead the charge with their new EP Kazador. Incorporating many different styles, this group of talented musicians have created a set of tunes that many power metal fans (and metal fans in general) will thoroughly enjoy.

Flidais may not be your traditional “hold your sword high” power metal band but they definitely give us the anthemic sound that makes this sub-genre so awesome. Their style has a progressive touch that can be heard pretty well, but also mixes well with powerful heaviness that set them apart from others. The track “Pinnacle” is the perfect example. It’s a strong tune that is catchy and not overbearing. In my experience, many progressive power metal bands can over-complicate their songs, but Flidais has a nice smoothness in each track. You can also hear the incredible passion in each song. Such appreciation for their music which translates well to the listener.

One of the many things I look for as a fan of fine power metal is a great opener, and Flidais provides that with the song “Traffic.” It’s a terrific rockin’ tune that has a combination of power and traditional metal. “High Stakes” has that speed/thrash sound that’ll make your head bang non-stop. The song “Hunter” has a wonderful prog rock vibe. Each track on this album sounds similar, yet different. It takes very good musicians to pull this off, and Flidais does this with incredible success. Production wise, Kazador is solid. Clear sound and a smooth approach, yet still heavy and powerful.


As a lifelong power metal fan, I get very excited when I see newer bands offer their talents to this sub-genre. With Kazador, Flidais has shown me that this style of metal is strong and will be strong for years to come. Incredible sound, passion and strength makes Kazador a must own album. The future of power metal, and heavy metal, is looking bright. Let Flidais lead the charge!

HAIL to you all!!!

– Frank

Kazador is available now on Bandcamp. For more information on Flidais visit their Facebook page.

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