Profile: Blind Samson of South Carolina’s Doom Juggernaut Coffin Torture

Coffin Torture
Coffin Torture

South Carolina’s answer to heavy as hell doom / sludge metal is indisputably Coffin Torture who are set to release their debut full length, Dismal Planet, this week on Sludgelord Records. How do I know the answer to the “indisuptable” comment? For one, this band is local and I’ve been following them for quite some time. For two, they share membership with another titan of heavy, CEBO))), whom we’ve covered here before. The thing I’ve always liked about this band is their ability to not care about anything other than how heavy they can be. They make music they want to hear devoid of any agendas. Period. And Dismal Planet is seven glorious hymns of sludgy, downtuned and aggressive doom metal meant for those of who like it wickedly loud and slow. Just ahead of the album’s release we had the opportunity to ask Blind Samson our set of Profile questions so head inside to see what he had to say. Streams are included so hit that play button while you read and SUPPORT.

Coffin Torture - Dismal Planet

How did you first get into playing music, and have you achieved the level of success that you hoped for?

We started playing music together in high school. We found out we lived less than a mile away from each other and started going over to each others houses to hang out and play guitar. Eventually, we decided to start a band with Thorfinn on guitar and myself on drums. Our idea of success was just being in a band and playing a few shows here and there. Maybe a record one day. We have definitely achieved that!

What’s the most you have ever debased yourself to get your band onto a show, into a magazine or otherwise promoted, covered, and praised? (If you don’t have a story, please tell us any funny/embarrassing story.)

We aren’t about praise or getting on this show or that show. We just put our stuff out there and have fun with it. We’ve gotten to play on some really cool shows with some awesome bands, but it’s all because of our friends helping us out. If not for our friends in other bands speaking up for us and offering us chances to play, we probably never would have played a show. We’re both terrible at booking and promoting and things like that. Lots of funny / embarrassing late night Waffle House / McDonald’s stories haha!

What do you see as some of the great things happening in metal and what are some of the worst things happening inside the scene right now?

More heavy bands around now than in the entire history of the world, so bands are putting out better and better albums to stand out from the thousands of other bands. Lots of great albums coming out left and right. As far as the worst things happening, I can’t think of anything right off hand. It’s all good!

It seems that now everyone has a passion for some cause and that those people are very open about displaying their passions. This is probably a very, very good (and progressive) thing socially. What are some of the most important issues (social/political/humorous/etc.) for you and how do you insert those issues into your music?

We are in no way, shape or form a political / social / issue band. We want to write songs about monsters and out of the ordinary things. We want Coffin Torture to take the listener away from all the crazy stuff that’s happening in the real world.

What, or who, got you into metal and how old were you? How did your family take the news?

For both of us it was the usual gateway: Metallica, Slayer, Pantera, Sepultura, then on to Death, Nile, Mastodon, Cannibal Corpse, then on to Ahab, Moss, Burning Witch and Conan! Our families have always been “Hey, as long as they’re staying out of jail, I guess it’s ok.” haha. They have never worried about us going down the wrong paths. We’re just two regular Joes that like music.

What advice do you have for aspiring music critics and outlets out there? How can we all better serve the genre in the eyes of a hard-working musician?

Just do what you do and enjoy it. Take pride in it. All bands, deep down, want a real deal honest assessment of their music from someone who is totally impartial. Even if they say it’s horrible or whatever.  Not just a “Good set!” back slap or some half hearted ass smoke blow.

What’s your goal? You guys thinking world domination? Maybe saving a continent? Maybe invading one? Any interest in starting a cult? Do you guys have day jobs or hobbies you want to share? Whatever it is, please let us know.

Our goal has always been to just do the best we can to the core of what we are as a band. Doesn’t matter if this or that comes of it. We just play because it’s fun and we want to be a good band that played some shows and recorded a few albums. The second it stops being enjoyable, it’s time to scrap the whole thing and do something else. Other than music, fishing. We both have full time jobs. Thorfinn works at a ball bearing factory and I work at a small music store.

When you’re not obsessing over your own material, what are some of your favorite albums to listen to currently? (Feel free to include non-metal)

Harvey Milk ‘Special Wishes’, Slomatics ‘Future Echo Returns’ 

What is the 12-month outlook for you or your band? Any specific events on the horizon that the masses should be aware of?

Releasing our album, ‘Dismal Planet’, on Sludgelord Records Feb. 16th! Other than that, who knows? Looking forward to it!

Summarize your band in exactly one word. (Disclosure: If you include additional words, we will select our favorite for the final publication.)


Many thanks to Blind Samson and Coffin Torture for their time!

Dismal Planet will be available February 16 on Sludgelord Records. For more information on Coffin Torture visit their Facebook page.

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