Exclusive Stream: Hate Moon – “The Skeleton Forest”

Hate Moon Bandcamp Cover

On September 15th, Pennsylvania-based black metallers Hate Moon will release their debut on Fólkvangr Records titled The Imprisoning War. Specifically defining themselves as “Norse-Gael symphonic black metal”, this album is sure to feature an expansive soundscape. And today, roughly three weeks before the album drops, we are pleased to premiere a brand new track off the album called “The Skeleton Forest”.


Hate Moon was formed by two Irish American descendants of Norse Vikings who seek to celebrate their heritage through black metal. I, personally, could not be more approving of this concept. Without releasing too much detail about the full album, you can clearly hear their creative take on a traditional black metal base on “The Skeleton Forest.” Exploding right out of the gate, we are greeted with blistering blasts (slightly, and tastefully, distant), dissonant guitar passages, and piercing howls. There is a notable symphonic influence obviously, but these elements find the proper balance between creative and overwhelming. Each verse and passage rises and falls in a consistent rhythmic pattern, but there is enough complexity to prevent it from sounding repetitive. That’s enough interpretation from me though. Give it a listen immediately below.

The Imprisoning War will be out on September 15th through Fólkvangr Records. The album can be preordered here, where you’ll get access to a couple tracks before the release date. Pretty cool. The album will be available both digitally and on compact disc, for those of us who still enjoy things filling shelf space (including myself). Enjoy!

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