Blood Red: Hooptober Se7en – Week Five

It was the week of sequels…it was the week of video nasties.  It was also the week of a damn fun anthology film.  October is finally getting to its true form, with temperatures dropping (at least here) and the leaves moving from the beautiful array of colors to crumpled and dead at my feet.  Only a few weeks left to get this marathon completion, and then maybe I can focus on actually writing a metal review or two.

Anyway, let’s get to the recaps…

Eight years after the events of the first film, there’s a new camp in town. Camp Rolling Hills has all the usual suspects: horny young boys and girls, cool counselors who just want let loose, and a cranky old camp leader. It also has new camp counselor Angela, who has some very strong views when it comes to maintaining your morals out in the middle of the woods. Pray she doesn’t catch you drinking, screwing, or going against the creed of the camp song unless you want to see her true colors…

(full review here)

Grouchy old Quatermass is pissed that he isn’t getting the funding to launch his rocket and establish a base on the moon. He even has a mockup and everything. He’s even angry that his team have re-directed the satellite to track these weird projectiles falling from the sky and causing weird burns on the people that touch them. Soon he investigates the abandoned town where the things are dropping he finds a life-sized replica of his moon base, and a lot of people with weird blisters on their face supposedly making artificial food to solve the hunger problem. Well you can bet your britches there’s more to it than that, and Quatermass is going to figure it out if it kills him…

(full review here)

Having survived the events of the first film, Deputy So & So is trying to rid the world of Bughuul forever – torching the sites of the murders to stop the pattern of death. But he runs into a distressed mother and her two sons hiding out in an abandoned farmhouse. If they stay they risk being taken back by her abusive shitheel of a husband…but if they move, they keep the patter alive and Mr. Boogie comes to town. In fact, he’s already working his claws into young twins Dylan and Zach, and there are so many more home movies to watch…

(full review here)

Philip Goodman is an exposer of psychic frauds, an atheist who insists things are as they seem to be. When he meets his idol, a long missing skeptic, he’s challenged to find the answer to three cases that the skeptic could never explain away. As Goodman investigates the mysteries: a ghost in a factory, a hit-and-run of a mythical beast, and a troublesome poltergeist, he starts to see things he can’t explain away, and soon enough things spiral into a nightmare that’s closer to Goodman than he realizes…

(full review here)

It’s only a minute into the film before you realize Sweet Aunt Molly has some issues…issues that manifest whenever she’s around big, strong men. She wants to make sure her nephews Tad and Tripoli have heroes to look up to, heroes like her father, a sea captain lost at sea. But it’s readily apparent from her drinking, pill taking, and weird hallucinatory episodes that maybe things with Daddy weren’t as bright and heroic as Molly claims, and with all these straight razors around, you know something bad is going to happen…

(full review here)

We’re down to the last seven or eight films, so what’s left? Well, next week we’ll be looking at zombie horror/comedy that ISN’T Shaun of the Dead or Anna and the Apocalypse, that coming of age mermaid movie I didn’t watch this week, an 80s classic with George C. Scott, and the latest film from Pascal Laugier, who made one of the scariest films I’ve ever seen in the original Martyrs.

Until then, keep it Blood Red.


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