Video Premiere: SVNEATR — “The Consequence of Fear”

As we quickly approach the official release date for Chinook, the impressive sophomore effort from Canadian black metal collective SVNEATR, it is our pleasure to premiere the new video for “The Consequence of Fear.” A leap forward from 2018’s The Howl, the Whisper, the Hunt, Chinook offers a brilliantly complex take on the genre, and this couldn’t be more evident than what’s contained within the passages of “The Consequence of Fear.” But don’t take my word for it. Give it a watch and listen immediately below. The video, by the way, is equally as awesome.

Like I said, that video kicks ass. I remember the first time I watched House on Haunted Hill quite vividly. I was super young and even then I thought it was… just ridiculous in all the ways I could hope for. So definitely bonus points for the inclusion of those clips.

As for the music itself, you really get a sense of what SVNEATR is capable of in these few minutes. There is familiarity in the atmospheric energy and unrelenting cadence. However, at the same time this track, and (as we’ll find out on May 28th) this album, delivers far more than what we might be accustomed to… especially when considering the genre. It’s truly remarkable how much ground they cover in what ends up being the shortest track on the album. Constantly, yet naturally, deviating from one segment to another not only keeps the listening experience engaging, but also showcases SVNEATR’s notable technical ability. Furthermore, the creativity (dare I say ‘progressiveness’) in song structure puts the attention to detail that went into the songwriting on full display. Finding a way to construct all of these elements around each other without resulting in something cluttered or forced is impressive to say the least. Simply put, “The Consequence of Fear” is an intricate, yet effortless, black metal beast. And it’s only a glimpse of what’s contained within Chinook’s passages.

So we’ll wrap up here, and leave the rest for you to discover at the end of next week. Be sure to pre-order Chinook on Bandcamp, and give SVNEATR a follow on Facebook to stay up to date on all their happenings.

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