The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Best of 2020

Best of 2020

For this episode we go all in with most of the staff for our best of 2020 picks. We hit the high notes of what tickled our fancies for the year that was a shitstorm and even welcomed in a new member to the family. So, buckle up for an epic episode that has a wealth of stuff you may have missed and be sure to take notes, artists we mention need your support so open up those wallets and purses.

Needless to say, 2020 was a wasteland of a year but it drove metal to be an epic beast throughout its twelve months of existence. As always, Buke pilots this episode with Charles, Angela, Ian, Vincent, Heracat, and new member Didrik who all cover some of their favorites from the year. Discussions range from the best metal had to offer as well as Christmas traditions on the US side as well as the Canadian side, a brief primer on Didrik’s metal background, pandemic woes, and the Slay At Home series and many other avenues our staff sought live entertainment in 2020. Settle in and enjoy some fireside conversation on what 2020 had to offer and we’ll be seeing you in 2021.

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