Perturbator’s James Kent on “Lustful Sacraments,” background in black metal, synthwave history, horror, and much more!

Synthwave is one of those genres that has become a go to for metalheads due to its horror movie kinship, its wildly creative sound and its imagery which at times can mirror some of extreme metal’s most enduring gorehounds. Perturbator and James Kent have been at the tip of this spear since Terror 404 back in 2012 and has shown more and more growth and depth on each successive album. Now, with Lustful Sacraments, the band dive further into the industrial side of the synth coin but do so in a way that doesn’t leave anything behind. Think of it as an experiment gone incredibly right. Head inside for an in depth discussion via The Nine Circles Audio Thing.

Our maestro of the mic, Buke, chats with James about the new album and how it was conceived, his extensive background-and knowledge of-black metal, his deep rooted love for horror and how it has shaped his musical output, and how much time actually goes into making this type of music and being happy with final results. They also spend some time on synth and electronic shop talk, what James listens to and how it keeps him vibrant, a video game appearance and Alcest tie in, James’ favorite Darkthrone album, and many other topics. This is an excellent conversation so dive in and enjoy!

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Lustful Sacraments is available now on Blood Music. For more information on Perturbator and James Kent, visit his official website.

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