Video Premiere: Thy Worshiper — “Baba Jaga”

Happy Monday, everyone. Kicking the new week off a bit differently this time, we’re thrilled to premiere the new video from Thy Worshiper. Originating in Poland, now Dublin-based pagan black metal act Thy Worshiper are releasing their fifth studio album, Bajki o Staruchu, on November 17th through Pagan Records. “Baba Jaga, the video of which is available below, is the first offering from the upcoming new album.

Translating to “Fairytales about an old man,” Bajki o Staruchu is a concept album featuring eight tracks extracted from fairy tales that are connected by the presence of the album’s main character, the Old Man. Musically, while perhaps generally falling on the pagan and folk black metal branches, Thy Worshiper continues to redefine and twist the genre to their vision. While you’ll need to wait a few more weeks to absorb the full story, “Baba Jaga,” both in sight and sound, offers a glimpse of what’s come.

Clocking in well over eight minutes, it probably comes as no surprise that “Baba Jaga” explores plenty of ground. The eerie introductory passages with marching percussion sets the stage brilliantly as the track steadily builds in depth and complexity. The interplay between the melodic folk elements and more familiar pagan rhythms is executed with ease, allowing this track to truly embed itself in a listener. The video presented with it is just as hauntingly captivating. Creatively shot and enticingly presented in both motion and color, the video for “Baba Jaga” provides a vague glimpse into the (presumed) world of the Old Man. The more I watch and listen to this piece, the more intrigued by it I become. But that’s enough of what I think. Have thoughts of your own to share? Drop them in the comments.

As a reminder, Bajki o Staruchu will be available on November 17th through Pagan Records, so keep an eye out for more information to come. Additionally, be sure to follow Thy Worshiper on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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