Album Review: Hallatar – “No Stars Upon The Bridge”


While Hallatar is a name that may ring unfamiliar and No Stars Upon The Bridge is technically a debut, the minds behind the project are highly respected veterans of their craft. Forged from the music and emotions of Juha Raivio in memory of Aleah Stanbridge, who passed April of last year, No Stars Upon The Bridge is an immense atmospheric doom metal experience inspired by collections of Aleah’s work. Working with Tomi Joutsen of Amorphis and former HIM drummer Gas Lipstick, every word and note resonates with personal meaning. As a result, No Stars Upon The Bridge delivers a multi-layered impact on a listener that few albums have managed to accomplish.

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Interview: MAKE on Anger, Aggression, and Reinvigoration


By now, NC’s MAKE should be a household name for any metalhead or music lover of a harder inclination. The band’s first two full lengths were heavily steeped in atmospheric doom but with their recently released third album, Pilgrimage Of Loathing, the band is angry and not in the same headspace they were a year ago. They’re angry at the current state of affairs — politically and otherwise — and the resulting sound is one of aggression and abrasiveness. Anyone familiar will be floored initially by the chances they’ve taken here that were necessary to vent and share their unhappiness with as many people as possible. But with an attentive ear this album shows the most growth out of the three and a band that sounds completely reinvigorated and to a point, reinvented. Continue reading

Album Review: Vow of Thorns – “Farewell To The Sun”

FTTS cover

The debut LP from Vow of Thorns, titled Farewell To The Sun, was one I initially opted to bypass. Yet, despite the recent inundation of atmospheric black and doom metal in my listening periphery, curiosity still pulled me into this record. Turns out that was a good thing. Within the expansive tracks of this album, the Ontario-based group define a certain unique personality to their music that calls upon a number of influences. With this debut, it all comes together to create a sound as progressive as it is emotional.  Continue reading

Interview: Sloth. on One Man Projects, Influences and Music Quality

Sloth. - Slow As Shit

Sloth., the solo project of Blake Caverly, recently released his full length debut, Slow as Shit. Mostly instrumental, the album features equal parts doom, sludge, stoner and post rock which makes for quite an undertaking for an independent release. (Check out our review here.) As you will see Blake is all in when it comes to music whether it’s with Sloth. or other interests along with having a down to earth take on the current state of metal. Here’s what he had to say… Continue reading

Album Review: Plaguewielder – “Chambers of Death”

plaguewielder chambers of death

Hailing from the oh-so-tiny, yet oh-so-rich country of Luxembourg, Plaguewielder have somehow found something to be angry and depressed about. Their debut LP, Chambers of Death, reveals a band heavily rooted in doom but not afraid to experiment or cherry-pick influences from black metal. The album has its successes and its (admittedly, mild) failures, but makes for a pleasing listen overall. It’s a promising start from a band not likely to make the same album twice.

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