The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 24 (1.8.2018)


The dawn of a new week…or Monday depending on your point of view. I always love the feel of a new year, so much hope and the timing is right for fresh thinking about what’s expected. You can choose to be a negative ninnie or you can choose to look at everything with fresh eyes and thoughts. I’m not suggesting a complete turn away from the world at large but I am suggesting to find things: music, people, friends, family or whatever does it for you, and place emphasis on these things. We’re challenging ourselves this year and we hope you’ll do the same. Anyway, enough rah rah talk — the music we jammed on last week awaits. Subscribe here and hit the play button immediately below. Grab a fresh cup of coffee, you can thank us later. Continue reading

The Nine Circles Playlist: Vol. 3 (8.7.2017)


Happy Monday everyone. It’s currently Sunday afternoon here in sunny Portsmouth and Josh and I are starting to get ourselves together for the Neurosis/Converge/Amenra show down in Boston tonight. So, I’m going to make this pretty efficient for you today because 1. There’s shit we need to do in a little while and 2. I’m slightly hungover and don’t have a ton to say. A brand new edition of our playlist is available for your listening pleasure below. Miss a playlist from either of the past two weeks? Fret not, you can check out all the playlists on our YouTube channel. That’s it from me. Have a good week! Continue reading

Receiving the Evcharist: Woods of Ypres and Long Trail

Receiving the Evcharist

After a much needed week off from forcing you to receive my evcharist (phrasing), I have returned with a classic album and a newly discovered beer. I wanted to get this amazing combination out to the masses last week, but the reality of the situation dictated otherwise. Returning home at 3 AM from a Dragged Into Sunlight show will pretty much render you useless for a few days, as I experienced last week. Fortunately, at long last, I seem to have regained my weekly schedule and am happily sitting here drinking beer and blasting one of my favorite albums. The Metal: Woods of Ypres: Woods IV: The Green Album. The Booze: Long Trail Green Blaze IPAContinue reading

The Horns Up Podcast: Episode 21 (September 12, 2014)

It’s time for Episode 21 of The Horns Up Podcast, your weekly catch-up on all things metal!

This week, the guys rave about their recent concert experiences with Fucked Up and Arsis / Allegaeon, slowly begin to come to terms with the new In Flames album “Siren Charms,” and begin to realize that football leadership–whether at a professional or college level–is really shitting the bed lately!

All that and much, much more in Episode 21, so check it out!

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Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.

Subgenre of the Week: Doom Metal

As promised, here’s our Spotify playlist for Episode 2‘s Subgenre of the Week – doom metal!

Dan’s Tracks:

  • Candlemass – “At the Gallows End”
  • Pentagram – “Evil Seed”
  • Cathedral – “Equilibrium”
  • Saint Vitus – “The War Starter”
  • Black Sabbath – “Black Sabbath”

Corey’s Tracks:

  • Vattnet Viskar – “Fog of Apathy”
  • Triptykon – “Boleskine House”
  • Evoken – “Descent Into Chaotic Dream”
  • Woods of Ypres – “Traveling Alone”
  • A Pale Horse Named Death – “Day of the Storm”

Check it out below and catch yourself up on doom metal!


Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.